Security Flaws Of The Internet Protocol

Today more and more vulnerabilities in computer systems are found each day. Some of them are minor security holes but others affect the whole infrastructure of the internet. Take a look at “Hackers Hacked at Defcon” and you will notice that there is at least one major vulnerability in the TCP/IP implementation. Because TCP/IP is so important for modern network infrastructure the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure has written an article about major/potential security flaws in the TCP/IP protocol. Take a look at their security assessment of the TCP/IP protocol it is worth the read.


Hackers Hacked at Defcon

Through a new attack security professionals were able to hijack hackers online activity at Defcon. Tony Kapela and Alex Pilosov, the people who found the vulnerability, were using a man-in-the-middle attack to capture the traffic of the hackers.

The attack itself relies on a global vulnerability in the routing protocol. The networks around the world trust each other and therein lies the vulnerability. A hacker can hijack traffic to and from websites of choice by adding enough numbers to computer addresses to have his or her network automatically deemed the best path for the data.

Here is the whole article.

This is a large scale vulnerability and there is no simple solution to that problem. Tell me what you think about it.

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How To Make Windows More Secure Against Buffer Overflows

Bit protectionI recently found a great tutorial on how to make Windows Vista and XP more secure. By default Windows Vista and Windows XP SP2 or above have measures to prevent buffer overflows and memory corruption. Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is one of these measures Microsoft implemented. The problem with DEP is that you need to configure it right. The video I found takes you through the process of configuring it right both for Windows Vista and XP.

Here is the tutorial. It is really worth taking a look at.

I hope you find it helpful

A Hacker’s Live CD

Today penetration testing is becoming an important procedure for companies who want their network to be secure. For this reason more and more security consultants are looking for an operating system made for penetration testing. This is where Backtrack comes in handy.

Gained access to a Windows computer through the metasploit framework

Gained access to a Windows computer through the metasploit framework on Backtrack

Backtrack 3

Backtrack is a Live CD based on Slackware. It is the result of the merger of WHAX and Auditor Security Linux which were both Live CDs made for computer security professionals. Therefore it’s no surprise that Backtrack has a huge collection with more than 300 security and forensics tools. Backtrack was made for security penetration testers and for that reason all the tools are organized according to the workflow of security professionals. The tight integration of these tools into the Live CD make hacking even easier, e.g. by entering one command you will get the latest milw0rm exploits which you could use for an attack. For more information take a look at the official Backtrack homepage.

You can download Backtrack here, it is really worth taking a look at. Tell me what think about it.

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