Security flaw in Internet Explorer

A Zero-day vulnerability was found in the Internet Explorer and reported to Microsoft. Through the flaw a malicious user is able to hijack cookies and steal credentials. The Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP SP2 and SP3 are only affected by this security flaw. Secunia rates this a moderately critical issue. Since there is not a patch available for IE users it is recommended to use another browser or upgrade to IE 7.

Here is the full article if you want to read more.


2 Responses to “Security flaw in Internet Explorer”

  1. dblackshell Says:

    i don’t know why Secunia rated is as moderately critical issue, I would personally rate it highly critical because many people still use IE6 (trust me)…

  2. knubbl Says:

    I don’t understand it either .. being able to hijack cookies or steal credentials is a pretty severe vulnerability in my opinion

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