3 Simple Ways To Prevent Spam

@ email signSpam is a huge problem now a days. Thousands of programs crawl the internet each day looking for email addresses. The problem is that people post their email addresses without thinking about the risk of spam or that they do not know how to protect themselves from spam.

How Do Crawlers Find My Email Address
Finding your email address on your web site is not really complicated. The email crawlers look at your page and every link on it. If they find a link containing an @ sign, they will extract the email address, copy it and go on with their search. This is how these programs work.
Now that we know how they find our addresses we can go on to fixing the problem.

Preventing Spam
The first way to prevent spam is pretty simple. When you post your email address on a page replace the @ sign with an [at] or (at), however you like. This measure will keep away dumb crawlers from extracting your email address. However there are still smart programs which recognize this and will still copy the address and replace the [at] with @.

The second way is to use an image, like the one above. of an @-sign instead of the @ itself.This is an very effective way to prevent crawlers from copying your email but it is tedious. It also increases the size of your homepage and therefore the speed with which visitors will download your web site.

The third way is to encode your email address. There are web sites that offer this service for free. The one I found is an German web site, antispam. I marked the lines you have to fill in on the picture with a short explanation. After filling in the boxes you can go ahead and click “Verschlüsseln”. explanationThis should take you to another page.
There the code which you have to copy is presented. It also gives you an preview of how the link will look like on your page. Just copy the code and paste into your web site.
The downside of this method is that this will not work if someone visits your web site who has Javascript disabled.

I hope this helps


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