Firewall guide

In today’s world it is important for every internet user to have a personal firewall. Even if you have a firewall it does not mean that you are well-protected, e.g. if you are constantly browsing to insecure web sites even the best firewall is not going to be able to protect you.

What do firewalls do?
A firewall is there to protect your computer from unauthorized access, on a very simple scale. It looks at the traffic that passes through it and decides whether to deny or permit it. That is why it is extremely important to configure your firewall right, otherwise it will not be able to protect you.

Free firewalls
There are several good free personal firewalls out there:

I personally recommend Comodo’s and ZoneAlarms’ firewall since I’ve been using them for a while. Take a look at them and see which fits best for you.

How to test your firewall?
Testing is important especially for firewalls to see whether you can rely on them. On Pc Flank’s web site there is actually a program you can download that tests your firewall configuration. Furthermore they post information about which of the well known firewalls have passed their test.

Another program at which you might want to take a look at is Gibson Research Corporation’s LeakTest. It basically does the same as the program mentioned above. Try running both and see if they find different problems.

Want to know more?
Here are some sources I stumbled upon which you might find helpful:

In the end, if you really want to secure you have to do more than getting a better firewall. I am soon going to cover more ways to make your system even more secure.


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