Learning How To Hack – Part 2

It is good that you are eager to learn more because that is how you actually become a good hacker. As it says on Darknet “Don’t learn to hack – hack to learn”, that is the key to becoming a hacker.
Read books
Since you are serious about becoming a hacker is suggest you read a lot of books, it is essential. If your budget is tight consider going on free ebook sites like Wowio. You should also be able to find a whole lot of articles on the security sites mentioned below.
Read news
Read news on computer security since you need to be up to date. Here are some useful sites:

  • SecurityFocus security site with an exploit archive
  • Darknet great computer security news site
  • PacketStorm news site with a huge collection of security papers
  • Astalavista security news site
  • Irongeek site containing lots of videos about computer security

Legal training grounds for hacker
To complete the list from the first part I provided some additional training sites which might help you.
One of them is Starfleet Academy which was made to improve your knowledge on internet security. There are 16 levels all of which are ,more or less, basic web challenges. One important thing to note is that you can not jump to higher levels, you have to complete the levels one by one.
Another training ground for hacker is Hackerslab where you need to register before being able to complete the missions.

These two are very helpful site but if you really want to learn hacking I suggest you go to the sites which I provided in the first part since these are hacker communities where people will also be happy to help you out if you are having problems.

I am soon going to post some more information about hacking, reverse engineering etc.

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2 Responses to “Learning How To Hack – Part 2”

  1. uttam kumar roy Says:

    i am a student of BCA 6th semister i want to know about hacking and cracking of computer .

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